Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

The Certificate Programs allow individuals to have a concentration in a specialty area that provides them with the necessary skills to advance their knowledge base.   Students are prepared for a new role within their profession or their clinical abilities are enhanced within their current position.  Students may also decide to enroll into a Certificate Program to gain knowledge to establish a new career pathway.  Take advantage of UMSAz’s Certificate Programs and enroll in the one that suits your career goals.

Available Certificate Programs

Certificate Of Health Promotion

Health Professions Academic Certificate

Specialty in Pediatrics Certificate for Physical Therapists

Specialty in Orthopedics Certificate for Physical Therapists

Specialty in Neuromuscular Certificate for Physical Therapists

Specialty in Pediatrics Certificate for Occupational Therapists

If you are looking to progress into a clinical specialty, management or consultancy position, or academia, than the UMSAz’s Certificate Program maybe a right fit for you.

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Program Tuition per Course Total Number of Courses Length of Program
Certificate of Health Promotion $475 3          1 year         (3 Semesters)
Health Professions Academic Certificate $1,425 5       1 ½ years         (5 Semesters)
Specialty in Pediatrics for OTs $1,425 6         2 years        (6 Semesters)
Specialty in Pediatrics for PTs $1,425 6         2 years        (6 Semesters)
Specialty in Orthopedics for PTs $1,425 6         2 years        (6 Semesters)
Specialty in Neuromuscular for PTs $1,425 6         2 years        (6 Semesters)

Program Learning Outcomes

The objective of the DNSc program is to ensure that graduates will be able to:

  1. The ability to critique and integrate different science perspectives in the conduct of research
  2. The ability to generate new ideas based on a critical evaluation of existing knowledge
  3. The knowledge on how to conduct original research
  4. The ability to utilize professional and research ethics and judgment in the conduct of research
  5. The ability to conduct culturally competent scholarly activities to improve nursing practice
  6. The ability to communicate research findings and their implications on the nursing profession
  7. The ability to integrate the components of scholarship: research, teaching, mentoring, and service to the nursing profession
  8. The ability to provide evidenced based patient centered care to decrease functional limitations

Program Educational Objectives

The educational objective of the program is to produce researchers, leaders, culturally competent, life-long learners and forward, critical thinkers, that will have the ability to perform the following within 3-5 years post-graduation:

  1. Demonstrated leadership qualities within their profession
  2. Demonstrated interdisciplinary communication and collaboration
  3. Engaged in community health services that addresses societal needs
  4. Demonstrated collaborative research activities
  5. Participated in learning opportunities to maintain and enhance professional excellence
  1. Masters degree in nursing or advance practice in nursing from NLN or CCNE accredited program in USA (foreign trained individuals must have degree evaluated by an approved agency)
  2. Current valid license to practice Nursing (professional certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse)
  3. Bachelors degree in nursing from NLN or CCNE accredited program in USA or foreign equivalent
  4. Foreign Educated Applicants must provide the additional documents:
    • TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) scores of 550 or better OR take the English proficiency test provided by UMSAz (contact university for more information).
    • Credentials evaluated by approved transcript evaluator (i.e. World Education Services(WES))
    • If currently living in the United States provide proof of legal status.

Why Study Here?

The University of Medical Sciences Arizona is an institution that puts its focus on its students with its low faculty to student ratio.  The curriculum is designed to create critical thinkers, inquisitive scholars and leaders with their profession.  Our faculty body are highly experienced with their clinical profession, published researchers and participants and/or leaders within their professional association.  Each of the faculty are passionate about student learning and are dedicated in making sure each student succeeds.  Faculty members not only have the skill to present course materials that are applicable, creative, and rigorous; they also make themselves available for students via their virtual office hours.  They are dedicated to making themselves available for students. 

Begin your journey in accomplishing your goals and advancing your career. For inquires, please email info@umsaz.org or call (808) 867-2900.